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Is it really working?

So I started doing affirmations a little while ago. It seemed like a great idea...relaxes the mind, engages the imagination and gives a little hope to the ego. But are they working?

Well after a few weeks of doing this affirmation, My life is a total success because I am fit and healthy and enjoying every minute of every day, I began to wonder is this even working? But then I had an AHA moment!

As I was sitting on my loo where I have all my affirmations and do all my best reading, I thought back over the past few months While I do not have the body of a goddess, I have made some really great changes to my health and fitness. So four weeks ago I gave up sugar. Completely. OMG i wanted to scream those first few days and attack anyone in my house that even looked like they were going to have a chocolate in front of me. How dare they be so callous! But I got through it and now my skin is glowing and I am feeling really good.

Also about two weeks after giving up sugar, I made a decision to start walking daily. I promised myself that I would make the effort and I did. I am starting to see little bumps that I assume will become muscles as time goes on.

Then a few days ago, i took the plunge and booked a whole month of Yoga classes. Yep the twisty, tie up in knots kind of yoga. I wondered how I will get through it, but then I thought ...the same way I gave up sugar. One day at a time.

It is actually amazing that although i had been repeating the affirmations several times a day or every time i visited the loo, I had not seen the correlation between the affirmations and the actions I was being inspired to take. SO it seems affirmations work on the subconscious mind. The more you say them the more you are inclined to change your behaviour. Although these changes have been subtle, they have made a profound effect on my life. I feel more confident and my skin is glowing, not to mention I can touch my toes!

But just remember an affirmation is also self talk. If you constantly put yourself down your subconscious will change your behaviour to suit your self talk. Be careful what you program your mind with...I have seen a lot of damage done with negative self talk and a lot of great changes in people who use positive affirmations.

So I have decided to keep on using my affirmations as I am seeing change. So here is another great affirmation for you all. it is from Catherine Ponder...I bring forward the highest and best and most loving people, events and circumstances into my life . This one is a doozy. It forces your subconscious mind to focus on only good stuff. Give it a go. It can only enrich your life and for best results the toilet wall is always a winner.

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