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Hi, I'm Maria!


I am a psychic medium and I have been doing readings for approximately 21 years. I have been a healer and a counsellor for 15 years and have been a psychic medium since I was four years old - which is my earliest memory of seeing dead people.


I have raised children, been a teacher and a counsellor. I have been a friend, a partner and a support for many people. Life experience has given me a wide scope on people and their lives. I love talking to people about their future! I have psychic reading clients that have come back to me on and off over the years, who tell me my readings are positive and uplifting. 


I am a healer and I was given a form of healing from spirit that I call Quantum Heartspace Healing. It is quick, non invasive and permanent. It works well on adults as well as children. 


I am also an author and I am excited to say I have published three healing books. Two healing books for adults and one healing book for children. My books - It's Not Me, My Brain Made Me Do It and The Healing Scripts and Let's Heal The Kids - are available in the shop to purchase. 


If you would like have the experience of a reading or a healing or counselling, please call me on: 0429 750 330or book directly through the contact page. I would love to see you!


Maria xx 

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