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"I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, information well covered and practising on each other was a highlight.

Our substantial take home bag is very much appreciated along with snacks and beverages provided.

It’s one Halloween year I will remember.

Take care and kind regards,


31st October 2020


Maria helped me greatly get through some situations in my life and cope with some drastic changes.  Without her help I don’t know where I’d be.


1st October 2020

Maria Thankyou so much for a wonderful night you truly have a wonderful way of speaking your knowledge. I left excited and happy about the future, was a wonderful experience.... here is to the FUTURE!!!!!



23rd October 2020

I had the pleasure of attending a fun-filled Vision / Dream Board Workshop with Maria and some wonderful ladies.
The evening was entertaining, informative and an eye-opening experience.
Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for some direction in their life as well as a fun couple of hours.


23rd October 2020


"For nearly 1 year now I've been visiting Maria for personal counselling, healing and a readings. I'd never had healing prior to meeting Maria and since doing so I've experienced that she just has this gift that is unlike any others I have experienced, where she puts blockages on what does not serve you and somehow thereafter you are mindful of what does not serve you and you no longer tolerate what you used to. I'm very spiritual and have seen many people over my years and honestly believe Maria is an undiscovered talent with a very special gift to help others heal and from her heart and soul. She is worth so much more than she charges for her gift and anyone needing to overcome trauma, a broken heart, broken relationships or any form of emotional challenge to re-balance then Maria is the one you need to turn to. Nobody will understand my experience until they have their own experience. Highly recommend Maria to all wanting and needing to find their self and get back on track.

Michelle Taylor

Phoebe Renee reviewed Read My Energy 
– 5 stars

19 October at 13:44 · 

"Maria is very good at what she does!. She has made such a positive impact on my life and mental health. Thank you!!. I recommend her to everyone!. * on a side note - I didn't really believe in all this psychic/healing stuff to begin with but after each session with maria I feel at peace, my mind has cleared and I feel more appreciative of the small things in life. Also with all this positivity.. Comes good things!. I had been searching for a job for a year (have been unemployed).. Maria felt like I'd be good with kids and told me to apply with a certain company.. After hundreds of resumes being sent to hundreds of jobs.. I got the job working with kids that Maria suggested!.. What are the odds ��. This is just one amongst many things that have made me a believer"

Raenette Hendy reviewed Read My Energy 
– 5 star

20 October 2016 · 

"I have known and been helped by Maria for nearly 4 years. I have suffered from PTSD, anxiety, depression and panic attacks. I met Maria for a reading 4 years ago and with my anxiety and PTSD went to her each week increasingly irrational. She was the epitome of kindness and care and was the first person to get me to go outside in my yard in 5 years. I cannot recommend her highly enough for anything she does. Currently she is helping me with my anxieties and in 4 short sessions I am a different person so much calmer. Thank you Maria I hope people realise what a treasure you are and your worth is immeasurable."

I have been seeing Maria Brayne for healings and they have had a wonderful effect on me. i feel happier and lighter and calmer than I have done in years. My confidence, motivation and sense of self worth have increased and along with the disappearance of constant brain chatter and worry that has plagued my life for so long. (I'm 57 years old). This makes Maria's healings in my opinion the most effective thing i have ever done for myself. I am truly grateful to her . She has changed my life for the better!


Alison (surname withheld)

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