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Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are a great way to find out what is going on in your life and where you are headed. In a psychic reading, you will be told what is going to happen in your future as well as what has bought you to where you are now. 

A psychic reading is great when you just need confirmation of where you are heading. Or you may feel lost and need clarification of what to do next in life. 

Sometimes dead relatives pop in to say hi.

We all came to Earth with a special journey and in a psychic reading, you will be directed back to the right path for you! 

Psychic readings are very honest and you will be told where you need to make improvements for your own highest good. BUT YOU WILL NEVER BE TOLD WHEN YOU WILL DIE.  People often ask if they can not be told anything really bad. You will never be told that kind of information as it is YOUR decision when you decide to leave the planet. NO reader could ever tell you that information and be correct as you have free will. So never fear, when you come for a reading, you will be enlightened and gently redirected in a new direction. 

A psychic reading is healing in itself as it causes you to feel confident in your own ability to know what is good for you. It highlights a lot of what you already knew and it can bring to light issues that are lurking in the dark. 

A psychic reading with Maria is an experience you wont want to miss. After 22 years of doing psychic readings, Maria has developed an insightful and gentle way of delivering messages. For the hour you are with Maria, you and your life are the sole focus and this in itself is an experience everyone should  have.

Prices as of 1st December 2022

Readings $120  hour   Face to face, zoom or phone.

                       $60 half hour Phone or zoom only

$20 One question  reading, via email

$80 full email reading

Psychic readings are available Face to face, via Zoom or phone call..

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