I am a psychic medium and I have been doing readings for approx. 19 years. I have been a healer and a counsellor for 12 years.


I have been psychic since I was four years old. That is my earliest memories of seeing dead people.

I have raised children, been a teacher and a counsellor. I have been a friend, a partner and a support for many people. Life experience has given me a wide scope on people and their lives. 

I love talking to people about their future. I have clients that have come back to me on and off over the years who tell me my readings are positive and uplifting. 

I am also an author and I am excited to say I have published two healing books. My books, It's Not Me, My Brain Made Me Do It and The Healing Scripts, are available in the shop to purchase. 

If you would like have the experience of a reading or a healing or counselling, please call me on: 0429 750 330

or book directly 

I would love to see you!