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Gratitude sheet

If you are serious about changing your life, then being in gratitude and awe of what you have already created, will bring a huge sweeping change to your  life. 

What you focus on grows, so when you use a gratitude journal, it helps you to focus on what is great about your life! 

Below is a gratitude sheet you can print out and use to keep yourself on track.






Free Fear Healing


Click on this link to get your free healing.




Full Moon Releasing sheet


Manifesting is something we do each day, either consciously or unconsciously. When we are aware of our actions and thoughts and what we truly desire, we can truly change our lives.


I have created a full moon releasing sheet, for those who like to release their fears and issues on the full moon. There is no real time to do this but it does work well at this time as the energy is so much stronger.


I have also included a manifesting sheet. Once again, it really does not matter when you decide to set an intent, but the energy is strongest around the new moon for manifesting new desires

Click on the button below to print out the sheets.

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