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Why Yoga?

I recently did some yoga classes. I have always wondered what the fuss was about really. But having done some classes I now understand. Yoga is actually a very physical exercise. It stretches and releases and tones your body. And quite frankly because you are concentrating so hard to keep a pose and not fall over, it also keeps you calm. Mostly as no other thoughts can creep in when you are trying to hold up your pelvic floor, suck in your stomach, breathe...omg it's great!

Yoga is renowned for lowering blood pressure, fixing sore backs and strengthening muscles. People who do yoga live longer. Go figure.

But seriously, Yoga is a great way to tone your body as well as relax you. I always feel this amazing feeling of fulfillment and freedom after doing yoga. It's like my body gets a mind of its own and all I have to do is concentrate.

My friend owns the Midland Empowered Centre and I have been watching the men and the ladies of all ages come and do some of the classes there. I am intrigued by the bungee yoga, they tell me it is great for your core and so is the pole yoga.

But for those less adventurous, there is relaxation yoga, yoga with balls...yes you put them under different parts of your body to relax that muscle and there are some good ball jokes that go along with this class.

And for those who sit somewhere in between, there is arial yoga. It is done in a hammock. It is very relaxing yet still good for toning and muscle strength.

I could talk all day about the benefits of this place The Empowered Centre Midland, (they even do meditation!), but it's probably best if you pop down and check it out for yourself.

Yes they do have kids sessions...and yes you do deserve a little time out for yourself. Go do a yoga session. Relax. Enjoy!

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