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Don't panic until its time to panic

We all have times when things go wrong and we go straight into victim mode of, “why did this happen to me! Or what is going on?” But what works really well is when we just say, “Oh bugger another lemon. Let’s see if we can make lemonade or if we need to clean up the mess?”

You see a lot of times when we are faced with a hard situation, we feel like there is no way out. We panic before we have really had time to process what is going on. Sometimes the situation resolves itself without any action on our part.

But as humans we have a real knack of making things worse with our ability to catastrophise! We find all the bad options and we focus on them! But there are unlimited options and we can focus on the good stuff. The problem is when shit hits the fan we expect more bad things to happen so we prepare ourselves for the worst. Instead, we should be raising our vibration and setting intentions for the best solution!

Mark Twain said a really true thing when he said:

"I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened."

A lot of the time we make up scenarios in our mind and often, we believe them to be the truth. You see our mind cannot tell the difference! Our perceived notions and the truth are one and the same. Energy is energy. What we perceive in our imagination is what will become our reality if we don’t change the picture.

When is it time to panic, only when the fire is in your house! Then it is time to leave! But until then, hold onto the highest and best thoughts, the best possible solutions. The best feelings about others and yourself.

When I do healings on people, I see huge changes in their lives once they change their perceptions about their lives! People who hate their boss or are afraid of their partners, see these people completely differently once they change their attitude about them. It is as if by magic.

Anything and everything can be healed! Not a single thing will stay the same once you set an intention to heal beliefs and make different choices. Self forgiveness is often all that is needed to heal a situation.

Have a think about how you deal with situations that scare you. Do you go into panic mode? Which by the way is an ancestral pattern from the good old cave days! Or do you calmly assess the situation and make a choice.

I am often a panicker. That is until I calm myself down and set an intention for things to come good again. Once I do that, I realise I have complete control and my life transforms before my eyes!

You too can have control. Remember this. There is always a solution. Problems are man made! God does not see problems, God only sees millions of possibilities for every situation! The next time you go into fear or panic, call in your God self or your higher self and see through the eyes of love. Before you know it, answers will come.

P.S. you can’t here your infinite wisdom when in panic mode, which is often why you get the answer when you are concentrating on another task. Calm yourself a

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