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Are you valuing yourself?

Recently I have had a lot of clients coming to see me with this energy of undervaluing themselves. They don't believe they are worthy of the love, money or attention they are attracting. This is a common problem, more amongst women, but it does happen to men as well.

A good question to ask is why do you under value yourself? What makes you question your worth? Keep asking yourself this question and become aware of the answers that come to you, in the way of thoughts.

If you think about who you truly are, a spiritual being who is capable of manifesting your heart's desire and just how amazing that is, why is it that self doubt creeps in?

Actually, you are not just an amazing spiritual being, but also the product of centuries of social programming. We have all been led to believe in scarcity and lack. Not enough money, love, resources, even that we are not good enough. And it takes effort to shift those long standing beliefs.

You will notice you have these beliefs when you want to spend money on items you consider luxurious, or when you would like to study something or go for a great new job, but you don't feel you know enough, or feel good enough to attempt it.

Awareness is key. You need to become aware of what you believe. You are your beliefs, literally and if you want to see change, you need to change your beliefs about yourself. If you wish to value yourself more and reap the rewards of this, you first need to take steps to make sure you are treating yourself as valuable.

This means, talking kindly to yourself. Acting kind toward others. Treating yourself and others with respect. Developing an inner knowing that you are capable of anything you can think of doing. It takes effort and persistence until valuing yourself becomes a habit, then it is easy. Once you get into the habit of believing in yourself, you will be able to attract much better circumstances and live a better life.

Now doesn't that sound like a lot more fun! Time to start assessing your life and how you talk to your self and how you let others treat you. Time to start valuing yourself.

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