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Being of service

Are you feeling a bit listless? A bit bored with life? Lost your mojo? It happens sometimes. I find that it happens with people who do not have a sense of purpose. When they have no reason to get out of bed in the morning and go to bed feeling like nothing was achieved during the day.

You do not have to have a high flying career to have a sense of purpose. You can find a sense of purpose in everyday things. Like reading to a child, or an elderly person. Visiting someone who you know is lonely and would love a visit. By setting some goals such as getting a garden bed weeded, or household chores you have put off and finishing the tasks.

One of the best ways to feel an ongoing sense of purpose is to be of service to your community. Volunteering your services or helping someone out who needs it can be very uplifting. Even just offering to babysit a friend's kids or taking your mate out fishing when you know he needs a break. Being of service means you are getting out of your own head and into the world.

Having a sense of purpose is what keeps us going. Even people who are in a boring job are happier knowing they are being of service to the community. We are happier when we feel as though we are contributing to our world.

Having a sense of purpose can help us to feel full filled, happy and then we become a conduit of happiness to others, as they experience our happy energy. Ask yourself if you feel as though you have purpose and if not, why not? What can you do to start to feel like you matter? It starts with a question. Once you answer that question you will start yourself on the track of having a purpose in life. Then you will look forward to everyday. Life will unfold more beautifully and you will feel more fulfilled.

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