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Timelines are changing

For a while now, you may have been noticing that you are having to heal issues you have already healed. You may have also noticed that the world is not as positive as it was 2 years ago. Yes this is true and yes this is all happening. It is frustrating and sad to lose freedoms and see so many people suffer needlessly. What has happened to our timeline?

First of all there is a story behind all of this, there are a few people who have pretty much ruled the world for a long time. If you look on You Tube, there is a short documentary called, "Monopoly who rules the world." Well worth watching. These people discovered some time ago a way to manipulate time via quantum psychics. Using a device that is way beyond most of our understanding. They discovered by accident that they could go back and forth in time and they could manipulate time to suit themselves. And this is exactly what they did.

These people are dark, Very dark. They have managed to do things that the average person would never think possible, child torture, trafficking, manipulating the money system and keeping the world population poor.

They did this as they could see whenever light came into the world to change their ways. So they can go back in time and manipulate events to change it to suit their dark energies. I know this all sounds so far out, but if you are awake and you have been watching events unfold behind the scenes, you will know this is entirely possible. If you are not yet awake, look on sites such as bitchute, telegram and some You Tube videos. Follow some contraversial people and you will find some truths that will wake you up and remind you of who you are. A sovereign being of light here to act in service to the planet.

So for some time now, the awake have been protesting what is going on. But they have been trying to be passive about it, Something I did not understand until recently. Because everytime a group becomes too big and elicits change in the world, the dark side can go back in time and change events to suit themselves. Thus wiping out the good in the world.

So what now? Do we give up? NOOOO! We need to be as positive and proactive as possible in the most gentle way. This means using your imagination, your power to imagine a loving healthy planet. It means healing your inner child and your fears, your hatred and your frustration. It means stopping and getting off the treadmill of life where you simply go to work, come home, cook tea for your family, and enjoy weekends. It means questioning everything. It means stop going blindly along with the narrative. Stop watching mainstream media which has been scripted and distributed across the whole world and look into other forms of research.

It means listening to your intuition and even when others think you have lost it, you are too far left or right, just keep going. Leave the flock of sheep following the narrative and be free. Trust your gut. Most people on Earth right now know something is seriously wrong, but so many cannot stand to believe that the beliefs they have been TAUGHT about government, about education and about medicine are not true. It is just too much of a stretch for them to think they have been lied to.

So manipulating the time lines has been easy thus far as people on Earth have believed what they have been told. They have blindly taken on beliefs from their ancestors without ever questioning why, This is especially true about religion. Where blind faith is passed on from one generation to another. When you ask people why they attend church or believe in certain things. they will tell you, it was how they bought up.

Now it is time to question and ask for guidance from God, angels, whoever you believe in. It is time to step outside the programming and look at what is really going on. It is time to wake up and it is time to claim your true power. How can the FEW have more power than the MANY? Why are some people so psychic, have amazing financial gifts, invent stuff or can time travel and others can't. Maybe, just maybe you can access all of these gifts. In order to know if you can, you need to first open your mind to what is possible. And stop disregarding that it is possible because mainstream are telling you it is not true. Who owns the media owns the world.

Just think how different life could be if as a collective we all start thinking positive and expect wonderful things instead of believing the bullshit narrative of the media. Several times on Earth there has been mass meditations the same time around the globe and this has been shown by scientists to have affected the Earth's stratosphere. So if this is possible, why are we not all doing it? Let's all start being kind and loving and healing ourselves and see what comes.

Below are some videos to copy and paste to get you started on a new journey.


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