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Why make a Vision Board?

Making a vison board is a great way to stay focused on your desires. It keeps reminding you that what you want is possible. Ask anyone who has ever made a vision board and got excited about what was on it, it is a fun journey.

A vision board will keep you inspired when you lose faith and remind you that you can achieve your goals. A vision board allows you to dream and to let your imagination run wild.

Too often we want a better life but we don't allow ourselves to have what we want. We hold ourselves back, we listen to well meaning friends and relatives and we don't go after what we truly want. When you make a vision board, you give yourself permission to experience what it would be like to have what you want. You can gaze at it and dream about how it would feel to have an amazing life.

When I teach Vision Board Workshops I get clients to focus on what they want by eliminating what they don't want. We look at different ways to get to the bottom of why you want what you do and look at how negative childhood beliefs and programming can stand in your way.

Making a dream board cannot give you exactly what you want straight away, but it is a fun way to draw to you by law of attraction what you want. Of course you will have to take guided action and the guidance will come from your intuition. Vision Boards are the keystone to a new life, but action is what makes it come true.

If you are curious, I would love to see you at one of my Vision Board workshops. Check my workshop page to see when the next one is booked. If you would like an email notifying you of when workshops are coming up, just contact me and let me know. Until then, dream a little dream and live a whole lot of life1

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