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What it means to wake up

When your soul wants you to wake up you will know. You will get lots of signs. Waking up is an unreal experience. it is both triggering and exciting. You begin to see the wonderful gifts and talents you possess as a spiritual being. Your intuition increases out of this world and you start to pick up on others motives, intentions and thoughts without them even saying a word.

You will start to be aware of other planetary races and realise that we have been in contact with aliens all along. You will start to hear and see messages which you may not understand at first. You will get signs everywhere, on the internet, in books, at the shops. Once your soul knows you are ready to listen and wake up, there will be no stopping the signs coming to you.

The other side to waking up is the triggering part. This is the part no one likes. Where you recognise that there is an evil side to our society and it has been suppressed for so long, that it is almost impossible to believe that this stuff goes on right under our noses. Some people get angry, some people get depressed, some people take action, some people just ignore it. But once you know you cannot no know.

Just remember waking up means being aware of everything, good and bad. Just know that you are safe and if you follow your intuition, you will always be taken care of.


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