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Adult bullies

Adult bullies. Yes, they exist. You would think by the time that we grow into adults that the need to gossip and be mean to people would be long gone with maturity. But unfortunately, being an adult doesn’t guarantee that those traits have disappeared.

I am constantly amazed at the amount of people who come for healing who have been victims of this adult bullying. So what constitutes adult bullying?

Gossiping – talking about other people in a nasty way. Judging how they do things and spreading news or information about them that would hurt them if they knew .

Putting things onto social media about someone. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has times in their life when they are not their best self. Gossiping takes its worst turn when it is done through social media.

Ganging up on one person. Yes, it happens. When a group of people deliberately leave someone out of their social group. When a group of people spend time gossiping about someone in a nasty way, sending negative energy inadvertently to the victim.

Treating a family member as a scapegoat. Using that person as the “lesson” for everyone else. Or simply refusing to accept their choices and turning the family against them. This goes for friends too.

Did you know that when you gossip and say nasty things about someone, especially with a group of people sends nasty energy to someone. It takes the form of psychic attack and can make the person ill. It can be a devastating blow to someone who already has a lot to deal with in their life.

You may think you are just venting, but when it turns to gossip, when you are so angry that you just want to run that person down, it sends negative energy to the person you are mentioning and it hurts them.

As a mature adult, most of us have learned empathy. But I am constantly amazed at the people I meet, who do not possess the empathy needed to feel compassion for others. You do not have to like someone or what they have done to you, but if you can show compassion then you stand a better chance of healing the situation.

Remember, energy that goes out into the universe will find its way back to you. What are you sending out? If you are in fear or if you are gossiping or deliberately sending bad energy to someone in the form of a curse or a hex, you will receive back an equal or even worse fate. I know of people who thought in their anger it was wise to send bad energy to someone. But a week later were sick with a bad unexplained flu or worse, their child broke their arm within minutes of the curse being sent.

We are all connected so whatever you send out to someone is going to affect you. You cannot hurt someone without hurting yourself.

If you are the victim of bullying or a psychic attack, there are some things you can do to protect yourself. First of all have a salt bath to rid yourself of any negative energy directed toward you.

Imagine big mirrors all around your body directing the psychic attack back to the sender, but imagine pink light coming from the mirrors so the sender is sent compassion for their mistake.

If the psychic attack is really bad, wash the floors with a salt solution and soap. Then dry with a towel and spray some essential oils.

It is a good idea if you know you have pissed someone off lately to say this prayer. I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you. Thank you. The Hawaiian forgiveness prayer has been used for a long time to protect and heal and show deep compassion for fellow man.

If you know the person responsible you can let them know you can feel their energy and would appreciate it if they would kindly leave you alone.

The problem with bullies is that they are scared and often been hurt themselves, possibly by you. In their hurt, they feel they can justify being mean. They lash out and they are not in their right mind.

People who gossip, hurt people. It is as simple as that. Idle gossip makes a fool out of you as the person gossiping cannot be trusted. People will eventually see through your façade.

If you can feel yourself caught up in gossip or if you are the bully, there is a better way. Look to the light. What are you good at? What are your strengths. Instead of tearing someone else down for their foibles, try looking at what you love about yourself and enhance your own ability for compassion. Try a new hobby, meet new friends. Get yourself out of the negativity rut and move in circles of positive people.

Bullying is not acceptable at any age and psychic bullying is no exception. Your thoughts have energy. A lot of negative energy can become very dangerous, calling in entities and forming an attachment to you.

If you feel so down that the only way you feel you can survive is to blame the people who hurt you, then it is time to nurture yourself. Look to the light. Write letters of anger and then burn them. Don’t let it eat you away. Life is too short to hold onto a grudge. Life is too short not to be calm and happy.

If you are suffering from psychic attack, fear you may be the victim of a curse or a psychic bully, the best cure is to heal yourself. As you heal and life your vibration, your aura strengthens. This means nothing can penetrate your aura. Leaving you calm and peaceful.

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