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Are You a Scapegoat?

Are you the person in your family who always gets blamed for things? Do bad things always happen to you? Do you live in fear of being attacked or just resigned to the fact that it is always your fault? Then you are stuck in the scapegoat energy.

Somehow you have become the person everyone blames. You may not even be present when something bad happened, yet still be blamed. You also may always feel like you have to be on guard or on alert. You may feel defensive or angry a lot ot the time and not know why!

The biggest problem with the scapegoat energy is that it can happen at any unexpected time. You could be doing your shopping and someone growls at you or walking down the street and someone yells abuse, or even just with a friend and they feel a need to put your down! It is often unexpected and uncalled for.

Usually the people who have this energy are beautiful souls and other people cannot believe the things that happen to them. So you may be wondering why this keeps happening to you. It is usually a past life belief that you have carried forward.

There is a way out of this hell. It is to heal the energy of the scapegoat and lift your vibration and learn to love and respect yourself. This is not an easy feat if you have spent your whole life bearing the brunt of other people's tempter. But trust me it can be shifted.

I am a qualified counsellor and a Healer. I have spent most of this year healing people of the scapegoat energy and even I am astounded at how their lives have changed. If you would like to experience Quantum Heartspace healing for yourself, give me a call. 0429 750 330. I promise you, you will leave the session feeling different.


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