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Trusting your sixth sense

When was the last time you went against your gut instinct and regretted it? Your gut instinct is your sixth sense. It is the part of you that knows what is right for you.. It knows which direction to take and it knows who you should associate with. If you listen to your gut instinct and follow this, your life will quickly turn around.

Sometimes our gut instinct will tell us that someone is lying. This can be very disturbing especially if it is a child or a partner, but listen always to yourself. If you feel they are lying, they probably are. I have been at that point numerous times when my teenagers were lying to me about being at places they shouldn't be and by listening to my gut instinct, I caught them out and they soon stopped trying to hide.

Your gut instinct is your guidance system. People who listen to their sixth sense have a life that flows and they have more interesting experiences than those who don't.

Your feelings are also connected with your gut instinct, but unfortunately we live in a world where we are taught to ignore our feelings. A feeling of extreme anxiety around someone or an event can signal danger or impending betrayal. Sometimes it just means you are taking a wrong turn in life.

A feeling of joy or calm when making a decision is a sign you are on the right path. Feeling happy and calm around someone usually means you are on the same vibration and they can be trusted.

But that said, always go with what feels right to you.. Years of being a psychic counsellor have shown me that people always know when someone around them was not telling the truth. But they usually chose to ignore the signs.

The more you listen to your gut instinct, the stronger it gets. I know people who never believed in this stuff who decided to give it a try and are amazed at how different their life is now.

Your sixth sense is a gift. Use it. It will keep you safe, save you money and give you a life of fulfillment. Trust yourself. This may mean flying in the face of what others think or what you were bought up to believe. But trust yourself anyway.. The media is full of lies and if you trust your instinct you wont get drawn into any unnecessary drama.

Give it a go. Dare to trust your instincts for a few months. Write a diary. Keep a record of your impressions and feelings, you will soon see that you are capable of reading others and even your future if you watch for the signs and act on opportunities that feel right.

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