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Are you listening?

Is your intuition switched on? Are you listening to your guidance? Or are you too busy looking for answers somewhere outside of yourself?

When we are busy, or stressed or looking for answers out in the world or from other people, we are ignoring our own intuition. We all have it. We all have the ability to listen to spirit. Sometimes if I am too busy I will get a message when I am doing a reading. As I am telling someone else what they need to do, I am reminded that I am not following my own advice. Ouch! I don't always listen either.

Nobody is perfect. We are all here to learn. There is no judgement in spirit, but I am sure they would be overjoyed if we just listened when they were trying to send us signs to get us to where we want to be.

There is no secrets in spirit. Your aura lights up like a beacon and spirit can see all you are thinking and feeling. Quite often in readings, I get told the person in front of me is being way too hard on themselves. Someone in spirit is trying to give them loving messages and they are watching this person berate themselves. It happens more than you think.

You know spirit wants us to be happy. Some religions have taught us to be hard on ourselves.We are sinners and not worthy of God's love. What a load of shit! We all beautiful spirits living a human existence. We all deserve to be loved and we all deserve to be treated with love and respect, but guess who is our biggest critic? It is ourselves.

We are so busy trying to be perfect. Spirit is trying to give us these great coincidences or signs to lead us to that great job or great love and we are often too busy putting ourselves down or working ourselves to the bone that we miss all the signs!

So. Are you listening? Let's have a look at some signs that may come up if you pay attention.

Feathers - white feathers will appear in strange places when you are on the right track. Really I have found them in amazing places.

Coin - same as feathers. Collect them , put them into your savings jar.

Flashing numbers on your microwave - This is one of the easiest way for dead people to get in contact with us.Electricity is the easiest medium for the dead to manipulate. Recently my daughters alarm on her car kept going off at all hours of the night. She is in Europe and I am in charge of the car. But I neglected it for two weeks and totally forgot to drive it. But spirit had other ideas. They decided to make the alarm go off,four times as I did not get the message the first three times! Because I had not driven it, the battery was going flat and if the alarm had not gone off, I would not have known the car had a flat battery.

Songs- messages come up in songs. A phrase, a tune someone used to hum to you. It depends on your personal meanings.

Seeing numbers repeated over and over.

Messages through a friend.-some messages come through people we know or meet on the bus. They may talk about a subject we were thinking about or mention a name of someone who has passed over.

Messages come in all sorts of ways. One day I was driving to work and I was tired and I asked my angels, "when am I ever going to win lotto?" About ten seconds later, a car pulled in front of me with a number plate that said,"one day." I laughed . That is just how spirit communicates with us. Spirit has a sense of humour.

So take it upon yourself please to listen to your intuition, to your gut feelings. I will give you a clue here, if you are aware of your emotions this will be a lot easier.

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