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Having trouble manifesting your desires

Having trouble manifesting your desires? Watched the secret, done what you were told to do? If you are having trouble manifesting your desires, then it is quite possible you have hidden triggers or subconscious beliefs that are in conflict with what you desire. A good example of this is if you are trying to manifest the career of your dreams and you see yourself dressed up attending meetings and everything looks rosy, but it's not appearing in your life. You may be wondering what is happening. Even though you are visualising and waiting excitedly, if your subconscious mind has memories of bad bosses or memories of you being told off by your parents for messing up a job they gave you to earn money, you will draw a blank.

While you may not remember the original incident, your subconscious mind never forgets. It remembers how it felt to be in trouble, to let someone down, to be chastised. So there is no way in hell it will let you get a job that may put you in a position of being chastised ever again. The subconscious mind remembers the sadness, the disappointment, the shame, the guilt.

Subconscious triggers affect everyone. As a counsellor I can tell you in twenty years, I am yet to meet someone who has not had this problem with their triggers. We all have them Earth is a healing planet. We came here to learn about emotions.

A good practice is to keep a journal and regularly write down your fears and your hopes and see what emotions come up as you are writing. This is a huge clue as to what needs to be healed.

Once you know what triggers you, you can heal it. I can give you some clues, usually it is our partners, our kids or our parents. everything else is usually just life.

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