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Change your beliefs, change your life!

Are you trying to change your circumstances without changing your inner world?

I found out the hard way, that does not work. You can move, you can find a new lover, you can reorganise your wardrobe, but you take yourself with you. Because we are the creators of our own world, unless you change your thinking, you cannot change your circumstances in a long lasting positive way.

Your triggers will always find you. You may think you have escaped, but just wait...sooner or later those pesky little triggers will come up. Usually at the most inopportune moment too.

You can wish and try to manifest your desires, but the truth is you cannot change your subconscious beliefs by just wishing. Your subconscious mind is an amazing tool that runs your life 99% of the time. It knows you, it knows your habits and your triggers and it will do it's best to keep you safe.

Humans are habitual creatures and we will continually return back to our safe place even if it is detrimental to us. That is the reason people stay in bad relationships or stay in bad jobs way too long. The subconscious mind does not like change. It will keep you locked in a really bad situation if that is what is familiar.

To break the pattern, you need to release the triggers, retrain the brain and soothe the subconscious mind. It only takes a few minutes and it is so worth it. Each time you shed an old belief and plant a new seed, your life changes. It is if by magic that people around you change. Once your perception changes, so does your world.

The world is your mirror. What you think subconsciously is mirrored back to you in your external world. So if you want to see real change, then you need to change your internal state.

I have had 19 years experience as an intuitive and a healer. I can help you to get on top of your problems, change your world and change your behaviour. In the first session you will see results. I am now available evenings for the time challenged.

Send me a message or phone me on 0429 750 330, if you would like to try this amazing technique.

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