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What you think about comes about

What you think about comes about. Where thought goes energy flows. There are lots of sayings about it, but do we really understand to the extent that it happens in our life.

What you spend time day dreaming about comes about. What you expect happens. What you think about with passion becomes your reality. sounds simple doesn't it, and if you are happy and you think about happy things then you are in for a real treat. But if you are like most people and you have some deep fears, then you may need to become aware of your negative thoughts and fears. Being aware of what you are thinking about is the quickest way to turn your life around.

The subconscious mind does not differentiate between real and imagined. And everything you think about becomes energy. So you could say when you think your thoughts go out into the universe as energy and come back to you as things.

A good example of this is you may lay in bed thinking how nice it would be if your partner bought you bacon and eggs for breakfast. You roll over and decide to sleep in. Your partner picks up on your thoughts and brings you bacon and eggs in bed.

Don't laugh, how many times have you thought of someone and they have rung you within minutes. The energy of thoughts knows no time and no distance. When my daughter who is overseas needs me, I wake up with her in my thoughts.

So knowing this information, will you be more careful about your thoughts? It works both ways however so if you are having a negative thought, then it will manifest as well. I read a book recently where a child used to dress in black and pretend she was a widow. It was her favourite game and when she was in her early 20's she lost her husband.

Another interesting point, is if you want something and you imagine it but then you next thought is, that will never happen. Guess what. Poof its gone! So if you are laying in bed waiting for bacon and eggs but deep down you are thinking my husband would never think of me like that, he is a lazy bum, you are not going to get those bacon and eggs.

The unfair part of this whole thing is that the subconscious mind plays a big part in our thoughts. And it is unfair as you could be sabotaging yourself and not realising it.

Subconscious thoughts become triggers that pop up frequently often going unnoticed. For example recently I noticed I had problems with money. I have done a lot of work on this and I could not understand why. I read a book about money beliefs and I was shocked to realise I had been told a lot of these things as a child. "I'm too broke to afford that," or "Money is the root of all evil". I wrote a money healing using these beliefs. I was shocked that my body reacted by being very tense during the healing then after I felt really happy. I did not realise how much these thoughts actually plagued me.

Those thoughts about money were just bandied about when I was a child. I didn't know they were not true. As a child if mum said so, then it was so! So Subconsciously I made these beliefs my own.

And that is the rub. I have seen people who had a lot of money, Someone I once knew was a developer and had a lot of money, nice car and in the space of a few years lost everything. What happened? Maybe the subconscious childhood belief, " You don't deserve pocket money this week" or "you don't deserve to be well off, you are not a hard worker." Who knows. Some subconscious belief was at play and the unwillingness to look at it meant it stayed that way for a lot of years.

Another way we change our destiny is with our fearful images playing in our mind. When I was a child my biggest fear was losing my eyesight. I thought I would die if I ever lost my eyesight. Sometimes I would look at the beauty around me and think wow I would die if I could not longer see this... I was thinking this negative pattern over and over. When I turned 47, my retina detached and I lost sight in my left eye for 6 months while it was repaired. I was terrified and I realise i bought it on myself with my musings. Even though I only have about 80% of vision in my left eye, i am so grateful that it came back. My eye doctor said about 6 months ago, you should have lost your sight, I am glad we saved it.

So thinking about what you would do in an emergency or what you would do if you went bankrupt and how you would cope is another way of bringing about bad things. While you think you are just being prepared in your mind, really you are actually giving the universe your list of things you want. You see the universe hears what you are thinking and it says...YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND!

The universe has no judgment. It doesn't say, oh she does not deserve that, or he has been so good this year, I will give him a break. It just is. It hears what you want and it ALWAYS says yes!

So from now on, i just want you to concentrate on where your thoughts are. It takes practice to catch yourself. It takes you to be in a constant state of awareness. If you want to know what your thoughts have been, look around you. What is present in your life. What is around you in physical form as well as your present circumstances is what you have been wishing for. Good or bad.

If your circumstances do not match your desires, it is ok, you can change that. Just catch yourself thinking negatively and replace it with what you would like. if you cannot break yourself out of the habit of thinking negatively, come see me, I will help you.

One more thing. Don't be hard on yourself. Be grateful for what you have got and try to focus on what is good about life not what is wrong. I will write more next time no the effects of our thoughts. Until then. Happy dreaming.

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