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Ebb and flow

Are you stuck in doing mode? Do you DO all the time and never relax? A lot of us get stuck in this mode. We get caught up in the notion that we have to be busy all the time. I am not sure when it became a sin to just relax. To take things slowly.

The problem with being busy all the time is that there is not time or energy for receiving. Being busy all the time means all those things you have been manifesting cannot come to you. To receive, you need to have downtime. You need to have time for the mind to switch off and for the universe to give back to you.

It is in our quietest moments that we get our most powerful messages. For some people, this is only when they are falling asleep at night, as that is the first time they have stopped all day. The problem with that is you are too tired to fully appreciate what is being given to you.

Relaxing can be as simple as sitting outside in the fresh air at lunchtime with a cup of tea. Stopping at the beach to watch the sunset on your way home from work, or lying on the lawn and looking at the clouds for a while.

Often we have to give ourselves permission to relax. If you run a business, then you will definitely feel under pressure to keep going all the time. But the reality is, no one can keep going all the time. Eventually you will burn out. This can take many forms, from getting sick to being constantly tired and irritable.

There is no need to get to this stage. Ebb and Flow is the way of life. It means you work hard at your job, or in your business or place of study, then you relax at home. Or you put in a huge effort to look after your house and give time to your kids, but then you have down time, where you have a bath, read a book or sit and do nothing. It is actually good for kids to realise mum and dad have an off switch. Set boundaries. Bed time is parent time. Allow yourself to have time for yourself. It is the most important thing you can give yourself.

Some times in life, it is hard to slow down, that is when life is in flow. Sometimes it is impossible to get anything done and you keep hitting brick walls, that is the ebb. Time to stop and let it be. Don’t beat yourself up or tell yourself you should do better. Just let it be.

Have a look at your life. Where are you giving too much, worrying too much, being too busy. Where could you slow down to life’s natural rhythm of ebb and flow. You may need to use a planner or a diary to schedule in ME time until you are used to it. That is ok, changing a habit takes time. Be kind to yourself. A good affirmation to use while you are getting into the ebb and flow is : life flows to me peacefully and easily.

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