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We make changes when we are ready

We make changes when we are ready and quite often by accident. Often, we try for years to make a change. We plan it and we think about it, but nothing really comes of it.

Then one day quite by accident we discover that we are doing something that we quite enjoy and suddenly we are making changes to incorporate that particular thing into our lives.

It may be that you took an exercise class and realised you love to exercise, or you got talked into a art class and you had so much fun you went back. Or simply that you decided to go do something different as you were bored.

Change happens when we have had enough of our rut. When uncomfortable becomes unbearable. Sometimes however, wer resist change as it means having to go through the growing pains to get to the other side. For some people anxiety can stop them from making changes as even the smallest change can feel overwhelming.

Accidental change is great. It is the universal way of making sure you try something new. let's face it, the ego can easily talk us out of doing things to keep us in a safe place. How many times in your life have you not wanted to go somewhere and only gone to please someone else and had a great time.

Accidental change is a bit like that. It is like dipping your toe in to see if you can be persuaded to make change. However once you realise you like the new activity, or the different mindset, or whatever your change involves, there is another step. Commitment. Commitment means loving yourself enough to make the changes stick. To have go and to trust yourself to follow through. If you have a problem with this, ask a buddy to help you. Tell them about your plan and ask them for help to keep your motivated. To be accountable.

But remember for change to stick, you must get something positive out of it. So if your change involves something addictive like giving up smoking or drinking, then you need to be able to see the reward ahead of time.

It is quite ok to set yourself a reward. But the best reward is the feeling of being healthy and feeling good about yourself when you make a change.

If you want to make a change and you accidentally have fallen into a new habit and you want to make it stick, but worried you will cave, hang around people who inspire you. Watch inspiring movies. Put post it notes around our house to remind you. Engage the help of people who love you to motivate and inspire you.

Change is inevitable, just like death and taxes. Wouldn't it be nicer if the changes we made were conscious changes. But in any case, the best outcome is that you make a change, you have go. You feel proud of yourself for having a go and you accept that you did the best you could. Pat yourself on the back regularly for the changes you make, accidental or otherwise. Be proud of your growth.

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