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What are you manifesting?

Manifesting has had a bad rap over the past few years. People think that it is just spiritual hype. But manifesting is just another way of explaining the law of attraction.

The law of attraction exists. It just is. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. It still exists, so it is better to be aware of how it works trust me.

The law of attractions states like attracts like. Simple. You attract what you are. What you are is what you believe. Have i lost you yet? You are your beliefs. your beliefs create your life. Your beliefs create your experiences.

It has been my experience as a counsellor that everyone in our lives is our mirror. Like attracts like. The people in your life will mirror your deepest beliefs. Like it or not. If you truly believe you deserve to be treated with respect and love, your life will be filled with loving, respectful people. But if your life is not like that, I can tell you, it is because you are not loving and respecting yourself. Deep down you have beliefs that you do not deserve to be loved and respected.

This can be a shocking revelation when you first become aware that people are treating you like shit and it is completely your fault! Not to be harsh, but we attract what we are…So when you feel depressed, when you find yourself blaming others, when your boss is being an ass, when your partner isn’t loving you enough, look within. Because it is there you will find the answers.

If you want to attract something different, change the way you are thinking, change your beliefs. The biggest mistake people make as conscious manifestors is that they think they have been longing long enough why aren’t their desires coming into their reality.

You attract WHAT you are! Not what you want. If you are argumentative, depressed or unbearably messy, you will attract your mirror. You cannot wish for a tidy partner and someone who is joyful if you are perpetually messy and sad. No one can make you happy except you. So you may meet some people who make you happy, but it will be a temporary fix. No one can make you happy from the inside except you.

This is true for every area of your life. So if you are in a job you hate, it’s up to you to assess what fear keeps your there and what else is possible. If your partner abuses you, why are you there? What are you afraid of? Is it time to seek counselling? Are you perpetuating the cycle by not changing your behaviour?

Fear mostly keeps us in bad relationships, bad jobs and a bad place. If you are fearful of losing your wonderful relationship, your job or your friends, it will only be a matter of time before you do. The universe answers all our prayers, even fearful ones.

So if you attract WHAT YOU ARE, what are you being right now? Are you being fearful, happy, sad, angry? Are you feeling helpless, confused or content? Whatever you are being you are sure to get more of it. If you are being irritated, the universe will send you more things to be irritated about. You may get stuck in traffic, not be able to find the can opener for your breakfast, knock your head, or fall over something someone else left lying around!

We all have those days and sometimes those days can spiral into a few weeks. If this happens and you are stuck in a bad situation, you need to act quickly. Put on some music that lifts your spirits. This is the quickest way to life your spirits and change the energy field around you.

I will talk about lifting your vibration in the next blog.

But until then, become aware of what you are thinking. What your beliefs are. Allow yourself to see what you truly feel about someone or something. Awareness if key. You cannot heal what you cannot see. Allow yourself to get past your ego to see YOUR part in past relationship failures, job failures and situations you were caught up in.

When you become aware of your beliefs, you will become aware of how you created your circumstances, then you can change your beliefs and change your life.

Remember like attracts like. If you don’t like it, change your core beliefs. I see a lot of clients who after having healing cannot believe how much their partner or boss or family have changed their attitude toward them. It's like magic they say. But the magic is within them. IT was the client who changed their beliefs, who updated their thoughts on the situation. That was what changed, not their partner or family.

This does not mean you are accepting bad behaviour, it simply means that behaviour wont show up in your life anymore as you are simply not attracting it anymore. a good example of this is a man I helped along in his journey. He was angry all the time about everything. He blamed everyone, his ex, his wife, his kids, his friends, his boss. His life was a big pickle. He refused to see any of it as being his creation.

It took a little while, but finally he began to see that he was creating these circumstances with his expectations. He expected his wife to be angry with him and so he pushed her until she was. He expected his boss to be grumpy so he acted all sullen and his boss thought he was angry so was angry back. And so it goes on...

When this man changed his core beliefs, one of which was the world was out to get him and nothing ever goes his way, guess what? His whole world changed. Suddenly his wife seemed to be more loving, his boss joked with him. His kids did not seem so noisy and he was really enjoying his life.

What an amazing change. So what changed? I can tell you right now, it was the same person sitting in front of me as always but he was smiling. What changed was his belief system. What changed was his core beliefs about himself. So now the world was reflecting back to him how he felt about himself now. Which was good.

The world reflects to us what we believe about ourselves. Earth is a healing planet. We are here to learn about ourselves and the law of attraction is here to show us what we need to change and heal.

I hope this has given you some clarity. I will talk more in depth about the law of attraction in future blogs. Regards Maria

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